Fabrique Île de Nantes


 Visiting La Fabrique on Île de Nantes: The Architectural Project
  • MICRO is a modular auditorium, with a standing capacity of 200 to 400
  • MAXI has a capacity of 550 to 1,200, including 270 seats at balcony level
  • LA PLACE is a smaller area, with a standing capacity of 100
  • a beerhouse-bar restaurant with a 50-seat capacity
  • a 300 m² MULTI-media floor
  • 16 rehearsal studios
  • 1 recording studio for training purposes
  • 1 home recording and computer music learning studio
  • 1 resource center
  • 1 experimental collective garden




  • Building A : Stereolux/Apo33

The first building hosts Stereolux and Apo33. It is a 4-floor building of 4900m2 inspired by the industrial spirit of the island. 

The first concert hall, MICRO has a standing capacity of 200 to 400 and is mostly intended for associations and their broadcasting projects. Il has it's own independant entrance and ticket booth. The MAXI auditorium has a capacity of 1200, including 270 seats at balcony level, with the potential to add an additional 278 seats in the form of movable bleachers. There is also space for about twenty mobility-impaired visitors  

The 3 upper floors feature office spaces and a 140 m² INTERMEDIA PLATFORM for sound experiments and research as well as temporary exhibitions. Nicknamed MULTI, the top floor (300 m²) is dedicated to multimedia creation. 



  •   Building B : Trempolino

The second building, which was designed for Trempolino's activities is rooted in a bunker and thrusts upwards on 7 levels like a machine, serving as a beacon of light amongst the collection of shiny objects installed on the island. 



The ground floor comprises a bar and a reception area, La PLACE, with a small stage and a RESOURCE CENTER. The bunker’s TERRACE has become the permanent home of a bus, locally famous for once plying the city of Nantes while providing mobile computer music tools. The remaining five floors host fully equipped REHEARSAL STUDIOS, office space and a recording studio. 



  •  Third building : Mire's Garden C

The GARDEN C is located between the two other buildings. As an experimental park, it is a space where research and construction projects explore garden and nature themes, using Land Art and film as starting points. This collective project involves local residents, associations, the city’s Parks and Gardens authority (SEVE) and local outreach teams. 



Project manager : Michel Bertreux, from Tetrarc Architectes
Project owner : City of Nantes (which has mandated the SAMOA public-private partnership) 

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